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I am so happy you are here to share in my journey! What journey you ask? Read on!

I have always been a master multi-tasker, performing, teaching, working, writing... you name it! But even though I had considered myself an actor "full-time," the reality was quite the opposite. In Fall 2013, faced with an ultimatum, I made the extremely difficult decision to leave my comfy 9 to 5 job to pursue a career in acting. Mark the date: October 17, 2013!

So... welcome! Together we will experience the artistic journey: the crushing blows of a bombed audition; the elation of booking a gig; all the highs and lows of pursuing a dream that does not guarantee a paycheque every two weeks!

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September 12, 2014

Just updated my "Actress" page with more project posters from 2014!

So, I've been contemplating giving this website a minor overhaul (is that even possible? "Minor" overhauls?). As much as I love it in many ways, it's very hard to maintain and update, especially since I'm not a professional website designer/manager!

That being said... I am pretty damn proud of this website. *Pats self on back*

I might go on a bit of a hiatus to accomplish this new goal, so please have patience with me! In the meantime, please connect with me on Facebook and Twitter! I love interacting with my friends and followers!

- Arielle <3